How many versions of the Bible are there?

Versions of the Bible

For a quick view on our available translations, click HERE, and scroll about mid way down the page. You'll see the heading "Preview Voices" and can sample them from there.

Currently, there are 12 versions of the Bible offered inside Dwell:

  • Christian Standard Bible (in 2 voices)
  • English Standard Version (in 4 voices)
  • International Children's Bible (1 voice track with up to 20 different voice over artists; some of which are AI-assisted or AI-generated)
  • King James Version (in 3 voices)
  • New American Standard Version (in 1 voice)
  • New King James Version (in 2 voices)
  • New Living Translation (in 1 voice)
  • New International Version (in 2 voices)
  • New Revised Standard Version (in 1 voice)
  • The Message (in 1 voice)
  • Nova Versão Internacional (in 1 voice)
  • Nueva Versión Internacional (in 1 voice)
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