How many versions of the Bible are there?

Versions of the Bible

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Currently, there are 12 versions of the Bible offered inside Dwell:

  • Christian Standard Bible (in 2 voices)
  • English Standard Version (in 4 voices)
  • International Children's Bible (1 voice track with up to 20 different voice over artists; some of which are AI-assisted or AI-generated)
  • King James Version (in 3 voices)
  • New American Standard Version (in 1 voice)
  • New King James Version (in 2 voices)
  • New Living Translation (in 1 voice)
  • New International Version (in 2 voices)
  • New Revised Standard Version (in 1 voice)
  • The Message (in 1 voice)
  • Nova Versão Internacional (in 1 voice)
  • Nueva Versión Internacional (in 1 voice)
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