How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling Subscription

We are so grateful to have had you part of Dwell! 

If you purchased your subscription through the Dwell website, you can cancel via your account HERE under the "Billing and Subscription" Section.  We are also able to do so on your behalf, so please send us an email if you need help.  

If you purchased your subscription in your app via the Apple or Google store, you will need to cancel your subscription under your devices subscriptions (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Google).  Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel those subscriptions on your behalf, but please email us at help@dwelapp.ioif you need step by step instructions on how to do so.  

We always want to improve the experience within Dwell, and if you're comfortable, we'd love any feedback you have during your time with us.  

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