I have a subscription and I still don't have full access

Accessing all of Dwell's features

No worries - we are here to help!  

Most often, this happens because the email used to set up your Dwell subscription is not the same email you are using to log in.  Please email help@dwellapp.io and we'll help you figure it out. 🧐

Feel free to check out some of these tips below if you want to try and troubleshoot.  

1. Often times your user name will be saved where you made your purchase. Give that a close look and be sure you are using the same email to log in.  

2.  There could have been a typo when you set up your account (think .coN vs .coM). Log in with .coN and see if that works.

3.  You also could be attempting to sign in with a different email than you set up your account with all together.  

4.  You've set up your subscription through iTunes and it's not recognizing your username.  If that's you, follow these steps: 

When you click on any of the options to "Unlock everything" (whether the banner at the top or in an attempt to access paid content), you'll see a link just below the Annual and Lifetime options that says "Restore Previous Purchases". Go ahead and give that a click.  

That should move your subscription from whatever account it might have gotten set up on, to the account you've currently signed in with.

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