Seasonal Gifting FAQ

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁 Thank you so much for sharing Dwell with the people you love! 

Starting December 12th, our Team will be prioritizing time with Family and Friends. We are still checking our help inbox, but response times may be a little bit slower.  Incase you need prompt feedback, here are answers to our most commonly asked gifting questions.💗

🌟  I have a current subscription to Dwell and the link to my gift card is broken.  Have I lost my gift?  No!  You are all good.  This is happening because you have a current, active subscription to Dwell.  

Please don't worry - we will ensure your gift is activated to your account!  Send an email to and we'll get it set it up for you.

🌟 I have purchased gift cards and typed in the wrong email address or the recipient hasn't gotten their gift.  What do I do? It's okay!  We can help.  You have not lost the gift or your money.  We'll be sure those gift cards get to the right place!  

Have your friend or family member check their spam or junk folder.  The email will come from and will read "Dwell Customer Care" if they want to search for those words. 

If it's still not found (or you typed in the wrong email address) please send an email to  We are able to see the code associated with the gift card, and will be able to send that your way so it can be activated. 

🌟 When do gift cards expire?  Gift Cards expire according to activation date, not purchase date.  Meaning, if you purchase a gift on December 20th, and your friend activates the gift card on January 1st, it will not expire until January 1st of the following year.

🌟  How do I redeem a gift card with a code?  Head to and enter your code and log in information. 

🌟 I purchased gifts and can no longer find them.  Where did they go? You'll want to sign in to Dwell online (using a browser, not in the app).  Once you do, go to "My Account" and click "Manage Gifts" on the left hand side of your screen.  

Your purchased gifts will appear there! From this screen you'll be able to Print or Email them. 

🌟 Can I purchase a gift card for personal use?  You are more than welcome to do so. 

Please Note: If you have a current subscription to Dwell you will not be able to activate your gift until your subscription has been cancelled and has ended. 

🌟 Can I still email you for help?  Of course!  Send an email to: to get in touch.

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