I want to listen to Dwell while I sleep. Is there a timer?

Will Dwell play all night long if I listen to it while I fall asleep? 💤

Great question - and the answer is yes, but only if you want it to.  

Most people use our built in timer that will turn off Dwell automatically. ⏰

To access the Sleep Timer, when you are listening to the Bible (in addition to any Plan, Playlist or Passage), click the slider button at the bottom of your screen.

Then, click "Sleep Timer". You can use the pre-set options, or set a custom time.

One the timer is set, you can update the time directly from the player by clicking on the button that displays the timer.

📱Instructions for our Android Users are below. Your update is coming soon! 👇

To access the Sleep Timer: 

  • When you are listening to scripture, click the /\ button at the bottom of your screen to reveal the icons.  
  • Click the crescent moon labeled, "Timer"
  • Choose your preferred interval or exact amount of time to listen before the audio stops. 
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