How to add multiple Managers on our group plan?

How will having multiple Managers help me/my group?

Manager Accounts allow you to give trusted people access to create content & onboard new members while protecting critical account details like billing, login credentials, and Group profile information.

What account roles are available within Dwell?

  1. Owner: Account ownership is automatically assigned to the email that created the group account. The group Owner can see and manage all aspects of the account. 

    If you'd like to change account owners, please email from the account owner email and we will help make that transition.
  2. Manager: Group Managers can create & edit your group's content as well as manage your active contacts. They can send invites through the email invitation tool, deactivate members' accounts, and view all account statuses.

    Managers cannot change your group's name & landing page URL, or access any of your billing information.
  3. Member: Group Members do not have any administrative privileges. In most cases, the majority (80%+) of your active accounts will have this status.

How do I change someone's role in Dwell?


  1. Navigate to your Contact Dashboard
  2. Locate the account you want to change
  3. Under "Role", click the dropdown and select your desired role for that member.
  4. Watch to see the "Deactivate" link change to say "Updated!". If you see that, your changes have been saved.

Can you show me a video?

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