Can I enable Mindful Minutes with the Apple Health App on iPhone?

Yes! For Dwell users with a subscription, any time spent listening to scripture or devotionals inside the Dwell app can be tracked as mindful minutes with your iPhone.

Things to know:

  • You need to have iOS 15 or higher installed on your device
  • It is helpful to have the most recent version of the Dwell app installed as well. At a minimum, you need to have the app version 2023.10.1

Below are the instructions to enable Mindful Minutes.

If you are just downloading the Dwell app:

When you initially download the Dwell app, you'll see an Enable Apple Health screen which asks if you'd like to connect Dwell to your Health app. The easiest way to get connected is to tap Allow Access on this screen and follow the prompts in the resulting Health Access screen to Turn On All permissions and then tap Allow.

If you already have Dwell on your iPhone:

Open the Dwell app and click the gearshift in the top lefthand corner of your screen. Toggle the button next to "Health" so that it is on.

The Health Access screen will appear and you'll need to toggle the button next to "Mindful Minutes" so that it is on, or you can click the words that read, "Turn On All" . Click "Allow" in the top right hand corner of your screen.

If you have previously denied Dwell health access but would like to allow access again:

Open the Health app on your iPhone to manually enable Dwell's access.

Click the "Sharing" icon at the bottom center of your screen (it looks like 2 people). Scroll down on your screen to where it says "Apps" or "Apps and Services" and click that option. Choose "Dwell" from the list and toggle the button next to "Mindful Minutes" so that it is on, or you can click the words that read, "Turn On All".

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