Can I set a Reminder for a Bible Plan?

Yes! Setting a reminder is a great way to hold yourself accountable in completing a plan!

Users are able to set reminders for both Bible Plans and for a Series.

This article will explain how to set a reminder for a Bible Plan.

Here's what you'll be able to do:

  • Reminders can be set for any combination of days and a single time
  • Changing the time/date for a reminder changes it for ALL of your devices
  • Deleting a reminder, deletes it from all of your devices
  • Only ONE reminder can be created for each plan
  • Can NOT be disabled, can only be edited or deleted

Follow these steps to set a reminder for a Bible Plan:

  1. Choose the Plan you'd like to start
  2. Click "Start Plan"
  3. Click "Set Reminder"
  4. Choose "Allow" from the pop up message
  5. Schedule your preferred time and days to be reminded
  6. Your Reminder settings are saved
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