How many versions of the Bible are available?

Versions of the Bible

Currently, there are 3 versions of the Bible offered inside Dwell:

  • English Standard Version (in 4 voices)
  • King James Version (in 1 voice)
  • New International Version (in 1 voice)

About our Voices

Currently, Dwell offers 6 different narrators for you to enjoy:

  • Mark (ESV) North American Accent - (Casual & Conversational)
  • Rosie (ESV) Northern England - (Soft & Relaxing)
  • Felix (ESV) East African English - (Energetic & Warm)
  • Gregory (ESV) North American - (Dramatic & Storyteller)
  • Christopher (KJV) British - (Sincere & Confident)
  • David (NIV) British - (Warm & Sophisticated)

In Production

Two more voices are being recorded and will be added soon for you to enjoy.

  • Catherine (KJV) British - (Comforting & Wise)
  • Kylie (NIV) North American - (Optimistic & Passionate)
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