Why isn't Dwell free?

Our Business Philosophy

"By the excellence of his work the workman is a neighbor."  
– Wendell Berry

What Wendell Berry is telling us in the quote above is that workmen become "neighbors" to their customers when their work is characterized by excellence. A neighbor is one who is always acting in goodwill, helping, serving, and adding value where he can. At Dwell, that's our guarantee to you. Excellence will always be the measuring stick we use in judging our work. And acting in goodwill and adding value to you will always remain top of mind.

Embedded deep in every person who works at Dwell is a desire to build something that genuinely adds value to our customer's lives and brings them delight with each and every use. If we can do that, then we think an exchange of value is altogether fitting. We echo what Paul said in his letter to Timothy, that "workers are worthy of their wages" (1 Timothy 5:18). But only when we work with excellence, acting in goodwill towards our customers, are we considered "worthy" of those wages.

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