How do Church Plans work?

Church Plans

When you think about it, Dwell is really a modern day discipleship tool for believers. And Church Plans is an affordable way for pastors to get this tool into the hands of each and every one of their congregants. When you sign up for a Church Plan, everyone in your congregation gets free access to Dwell.

We currently have 9 different pricing tiers that just about meet the needs of any church size:

Under 100 Users


101-250 Users


251-500 Users


501-750 Users


751-1000 Users


1001-1500 Users


1501-2500 Users


2501-3500 Users


3501-5000 Users


Inviting Users

Once you sign up for a plan, inviting users is a breeze. 

Step one:  make sure you're happy with your group name and landing page link. By default we populate these two fields with the email address you signed up with, but you should update that info to your church's name.

Next, share your landing page link with your church family! Below is what the page looks like. So you're aware, all your congregant needs to do is 1) create an account 2) check the box that affirms their affiliation with your church and 3) tap the Join Group button.  

Here are a few ways you might share your landing page link with your congregation:

  • By sending an email to your congregation about the new free resource they have free access to.
  • By including the landing page link in a recurring church e-newsletter
  • By adding the landing page link to their website under a resources page of some kind
  • By displaying the link on the screen during a church service

Measuring Usage and Removing Users

It's quite easy to measure the usage of your group plan. Once you log in to your account, tap on the Manage Group link on the sidebar. You'll notice 4 things straight away:

1. You can see the total usage of your group plan at a glance (This number will be low until you begin sharing your link!).

2. You can search for an individual user via email using the search bar; this is helpful if you need to remove a certain person from your account.

3. You can remove users by tapping on the Deactivate button next to each email address.

4. You can also paginate through all of your users.

Upgrading Your Account

If you happen to go over your limit, don't worry! We are not going to upgrade you to the next highest plan and automatically charge you! What will happen is that you will get an email from us alerting you to the overage. From there you can decide whether you'd like to go through with the upgrade or deactivate some users.  

That's it! 💥 If you still have questions about gifting, check out the rest of our knowledge base for more answers or just shoot us an email at and we'll gladly help you out!

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