Why should I sign up my church for Dwell?

The Why Behind Church Plans

Dwell is a modern day discipleship tool that helps believers stay connected to God's Word in an increasingly fast-paced culture. When you offer Dwell to your congregation, you're putting a tool in every one of your church members' hands that helps them soak in Scripture. 

Charles Spurgeon once said: 

“Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.” 

Dwell helps 21st century disciples do just that—live in God's Word. We make it easy to "open the Bible" during a commute, while exercising, or doing weekly chores around the house. These little pockets of time can be redeemed, and Dwell makes the process engaging, enjoyable, and easy.

Bulk Pricing

When your church signs up for a plan, you'll receive a considerable discount off the retail price. For example, you'd pay 80% off! if you were to choose our $49.99/mo plan and activate all 100 users. It's a great value and a worthy investment!

Of course, your financial support helps Dwell continue to bring the richness of the Bible to your congregation in interesting and exciting ways through the use of innovative technology.

To get started, tap here. Have more questions, shoot us an email; we're happy to help! 

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