Do I have to be a church to sign up?

Church Plans Great for Groups of All Kinds

Not at all! Dwell has many organizations and businesses that see the value in our app and have decided to make it available to their staff or employees. If you're not a church but would like to offer Dwell to your team, feel free to pick a plan that's right for you and get started!

Currently, we have 9 different plans to choose from:

Under 100 Users 


101-250 Users 


251-500 Users 


501-750 Users


751-1000 Users


1001-1500 Users


1501-2500 Users


2501-3500 Users


3501-5000 Users



More Questions?

If you have any other questions regarding plans or Dwell in general, check out the rest of our knowledge base for answers, or email us and we'll be happy to assist you!

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