How do I download Dwell?

Downloading Dwell

We'd love to have you part of the Dwell community! 

The app is free to download in iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

Downloading the app does not mean you have signed up for a subscription.  But it does allow you to get a feel for some of Dwell's features, and take advantage our always free option, Dwell Daily.   

👉 If you'd like to unlock every feature available inside Dwell please do the following:

  1. Download the app.  Again, this is free and available from your app store of choice.  
  2. Once it's downloaded, subscribe to a plan or free trial.  
    1. You can do this one of three ways: 
      1. Directly from Dwell HERE (using this link enables us to serve you best!)
      2. Inside your app at the Apple Store
      3. Inside your App at the Google Play store

There are 2 different options: 

  • A free 7 day trial that will unlock all features.  You will be billed for the annual subscription (1x/year at $39.99) after 7 days, but can email us to cancel before then. 
  •  A month to month subscription (1x/month) at $5.99.   

If you already know you'll love us, we also offer a lifetime subscription.  Send us an email for a special rate!

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