Continue Listening and Queue

Understanding Continue Listening and Queue

Both of these options are found under the "Me" icon from the home screen.  By clicking "Me"  you will see "Queue" and underneath that, "Continue Listening" 


A queue in the traditional sense is a line of waiting people, cars, etc.  That said, think of the Queue inside Dwell as a "line" of audio tracks waiting to be played.  All listened audio gets added to the "history" and "currently playing" part of the Queue automatically.  

  • The Queue inside Dwell is made up of three parts: 
    • History: This is a historical "line" of Audio you've played in the app.  Your most recent Audio gets added to the bottom of this list. 
    • Currently Playing: This is where you'll find what is currently being played within the app.  At this time, your place within the current Audio track will not be held.  You will want to click on "Continue Listening" for that feature.
    • Upcoming: This is where Audio will be filed when you manually add something to your Queue.  

Continue Listening: 

This is just below the "Queue" under the "Me" icon.  This section will show you anything you've recently listened to, and hold your place in the audio so you can jump back in at any time.

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