Playlists and Plans

How to use Playlists and Plans

The heart behind Dwell's plans is encourage listeners to experience God's word daily, in a way that's sustainable and straight-forward.  We know that in order for us live a life that is shaped by scripture, we need to devote ourselves, by steady faithfulness, in the Word of God.  Plans are designed to help our listeners do just that.  Each plan is put together intentionally around a certain theme.  They vary in length, but all have a daily reading.  By clicking the bell next to each plan, you can set a daily reminder.  You'll be prompted to chose the time of day, and day(s) of the week you'd like to be reminded.  

You can think of playlists inside Dwell just like you would inside of your favorite music streaming app.  Playlists are also made according to a theme but are designed to listen to on an ongoing basis (just like you would your favorite album!).  

Dwell creates (and partners with like minded individuals) to create both plans and playlists on an ongoing basis.  Subscribers are able to create their own playlists as well.  See here to learn more about this feature!

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