What is the difference between Dwell and other Bible apps?

How Dwell is Different

There are many apps that have done a great job with the Bible reading experience.  However, we don't know of any (besides Dwell 😉) that have nailed the listening experience. Listening has been our focus from the beginning, and we give our subscribers the ability to customize that experience.  

With Dwell, you'll listen to real voices who love the Bible as much as you.  In fact, the entire audio experience is unmatched by other apps.  A few of the additional audio features you'll find within Dwell are: 

  • 20 beautiful recordings of the Bible, each showcasing a unique and inspiring voice.
  • Custom background music curated especially for our App.  We recently added peaceful nature sounds as well. 
  • To further immerse yourself in scripture, we added the ability to "read along" with the text.  Your eyes will be able to follow along as you hear the verses being read.
  • The ability to slow down, speed up, and repeat the audio.  
  • Each of these changes can be created on the fly, without loosing your place in the audio.  
With Dwell, you'll easily explore the Bible like never before.  

Access Scripture through popular Passages, Stories, Themed Playlists, and Daily Listening Plans. You can also listen to Scripture book by book, all the way though.  Plus, every book, story, playlist and plan is accompanied by beautiful custom artwork.  

Content features unique to Dwell are:

  • The ability to quickly search for a specific verse(s) and create your own custom playlist to listen to over and over.  Click here to learn how use this feature.
  • Easily listen to God's word during your commute with Apple CarPlay.
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