I've downloaded Dwell. Where do I start?

Where to Start

We are so excited you're here!  Thanks for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Dwell!   

Fair warning: This is going to be a lengthy article.  The goal is to get you (more than!) comfortable with the organization of our App so you can proceed confidently through everything it offers.  👉 You can click through the following links to read more about Dwell's most unique features and how to access them: Bible versionsvoice optionsmusic selections, and reflection.

As of now, Dwell can be accessed through our app on either your tablet or mobile phone device.  Dwell is not available in your computer's browser.  This update is coming - and we will update here once it's complete! 🎉

When you open your app, you will be on the "Home" screen.  If you look at the bottom of your screen you will see five icons: 

  • Home
  • Explore
  • Bible
  • Search
  • Me

The pink icon shows the page you are currently viewing.  You can think of these five headings as the umbrella other Dwell features live under.  The text below will go over each icon in detail.  Each time you get deeper into one of these headings, you can always click the < icon at the top left hand corner to go back to where you started.  


  • This is where you'll get a large overview of all content located within the app.  
  • One of the main features here is the gear shift (Settings button) in the top left hand corner. 
    • By clicking this icon you will be able to see your account email and total listening time
    • This is also where you can report a bug.  When your app isn't functioning as it should, go here to send an email directly to our developers indicating the issue.
    • This is also where you can lock your favorite voice (click HERE to read why you may not hear your favorite voice, even though it's locked), and one of the places you can choose your preferred music, if any at all. 


  • This is where you you can explore all of Dwell's pre-loaded content.  They are sorted into: Plans, Playlists, Passages and Daily Plans. 
  • Plans
    • Here you will be able view various plans lasting a set number of days. 
      • The goal of a plan is to encourage regular, consistent time in God's word.  
      • When you click on a plan for the first time, you will see a pink button that says "Subscribe to Plan" 
        • One subscribed, you can either "Set Reminder" or "Cancel" 
          • By clicking "Set Reminder" you will be able to choose the time and day you'd like Dwell to remind you you listen to the content.
  • Playlists
    • Think of playlists like listening to an album through music streaming service.  These are set up with scripture, categorized by theme. 
      • When you click on playlists, you'll be able to see how many tracks are in each one, in addition to total listening time.
      • By clicking the 3 dots next to each playlist, you'll be able to sort and view the playlist in various ways.  
    • Subscribers can also create their own playlists.  CLICK HERE to read more about this feature.
  • Passages
    • Here you'll be able to explore various bible passages all together.  These are grouped in three ways: 
      • Stories 
      • Letters
      • Wisdom 
  • Daily Plans 
    • Here you will be able to view Daily Scripture from various Christian traditions.  Choose from: 
      • Anglican Daily
      • Catholic Daily
      • Episcopal Daily 
      • Orthodox Daily
      • Protestant Daily 


  • This is one of the ways you can listen through the Bible, in order, or choose the specific chapter.  
    • The Top of the page is set to "Listen Through"
      • With one click of "The Bible", "The Old Testament" or the "New Testament" you'll immediately begin hearing the words of scripture. 
      • You can also select by book.  These are sorted into two columns: "Old Testament" and "New Testament" 
        • When you click on a book, you'll see the chapters listed in number order, and by clicking a number you'll immediately begin hearing the words of scripture. 


  • This is where you can search for any content Dwell has to offer.  Some examples are: 
    • a specific verse like, "John 3:16-17"
    • a specific theme like, "Peace"
    • a specific plan like, "Chronological" 
  • By clicking "search" after typing in the search bar, everything associated with your search will sorted in a list (Results and Additional Results).  
    • If a specific verse was searched, its' location will be first on the sorted list, followed by the chapter associated, followed by the Book of the Bible where the verse is found.  


  • This screen is personalized for you. No two "Me" pages are alike!  This is one of the reasons why we don't recommend sharing your account (use a family plan instead!) as the Dwell App keeps a record of your listening history and personal preferences.  On the "Me" page you will find:
    • Favorites 
    • Downloads (click HERE to learn more about offline listening)
    • My playlists (click HERE to learn how to create your own Playlist)
    • Subscribed Plans 
    • Queue (click HERE to learn more about the Queue) 
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